Your Beauty Consultant:

Медкова Светлана Сергеевна

Phone: 7 9654402868


Hello! My name is Медкова Светлана Сергеевна, I'm Your Beauty Consultant.

You are welcome to my internet-shop, where you can buy different Faberlic products, and get professional advice how to choose cosmetic, Parfums, home and health care appliances, clothes and many other products.

You can connect with me in different possible ways.

If you're interested to organize your own business in beauty and fashion industry, write your contacts and I will share the successful Faberlic Company's secrets of profit with you with pleasure.

Delivery and Payment

There are possible home delivery and your own delivery. For your convenience, you can pay when you get your products - payment before is not required. Write your contacts or make an order and I will connect with you for getting conformation about place and time of delivery.